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Your Partner In The Pursuit of Progress

Unmatched Lubricant Expertise

Since 1979,  our parent company Chematek has been the trusted partner of Italian oil refineries and blenders. Our unique journey encompasses more than just distribution; we were there at the ground floor, designing and building refineries, supplying them with key ingredients, and even helping market their finished products. This unparalleled level of knowledge sets us apart as the only lubricants brand in the world with such deep industry integration.

Our long-standing partnerships with industry giants have fostered a collaborative environment where knowledge thrives. We’ve attracted leading experts, like former Eni technical director Giovanni Ponti, who now bring their invaluable insights to the Verus brand.

This deep understanding fuels our innovation: It allows us to develop superior lubricants that address the specific needs of our customers. The Verus brand stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and performance.

Make Extraordinary, Ordinary

To us, the pursuit of progress is paramount. Because those that don’t move forward, are left behind. Chematek has been in the business of progression for almost half a century.

Founded by Dr Giovanni Papandrea, Chematek embodies many of his personal characteristics: a pioneering spirit, a passion for innovation and a desire to seek out new challenges.

These characteristics sit at the core of Chematek, steering the company towards progress, identifying molecules that would be needed in the coming decades and developing them into new and unique products. This approach has become the Chematek way – finding gaps in the market and creating innovative products that solve commercial problems.

Chematek’s success has been fuelled by experimentation. For its only through the process of investigation and failure that breakthroughs are made, and solutions emerge.
What began as a one-man company to buy and sell chemical products, is now a global organisation with a world-wide network of staff, suppliers, and clients that are the heartbeat of the business, driving the collaborative exchange of knowledge, ideas and solutions.

By consistently pursuing progress, Chematek will continue to break down barriers, solve problems and make the extraordinary, ordinary.

A Global Industrial Network

At Chematek we combine our expertise in chemistry, engineering, and technology to deliver products and service solutions to a diverse range of industries.

Beyond lubricants: While our flagship brand Verus leads the way in our lubricant division, Chematek offers a wider range of innovative solutions. We support refineries with expert services like catalyst sulphiding, solvent markers & dyes, and fuel additives. Additionally, our fine chemicals division specializes in reducing agents like our own Synhydrid brand and other niche chemical solutions.

Based in Milan, Italy, we deliver our products and services through our regional office network which includes India, China, USA, France, Singapore and Australia.

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