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Verus supplies a wide range of high-performance lubricants for the automotive sector. Our market-leading lubricant technology reflects our Italian performance heritage and our state-of-the-art R&D operations.

Verus is a highly coveted brand, and we use anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure that only authentic Verus products reach the marketplace. Our first-class products are accompanied by our first-class technical service.

Verus lubricants have an extensive series of approvals for all major brands and are supplied in a range of packaging sizes.

Gasoline Range

Our Gasoline range features:

Laser Motor Oil, a fully synthetic high-performance speciality gasoline oil designed for fuel-injected vehicles fitted with blow-by recirculation and catalytic converters. It is suitable for all driving conditions.

Olympic Motor Oil is a passenger car engine oil, based on synthetic technology and high-performance synthetic base stocks. It is a general-purpose oil to be used all year round, suitable for spark-ignition and diesel car engines.

Fighter Motor Oil is a synthetic product obtained through a combination of high-quality Group III base stock and PAO and high-performance additives. It is recommended for gasoline engines.

Our Diesel range features:

Turbo Truck. A fully synthetic diesel engine oil which can improve fuel economy, reduce fuel consumption and minimise emissions. High-temperature cleaning technology, designed and developed for long distances and harsh road conditions.

Heavyweight. A high-performance all-season engine oil that was formulated to meet all the requirements of turbo-charged diesel engines. Recommended for off-road, earth-moving and aspirated diesel engines.

Marathon Diesel Oil is a fully-synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed to protect modern diesel engines operating in severe on- and off-highway applications. Recommended for use in a wide range of heavy-duty applications and operating environments, in on-road and off-road transport, mining, forestry, construction and agricultural industries. It can also be used in older, well-maintained engines.

Ancillary Range

Our ancillary range features:

Gear Oil. Extreme pressure anti-wear lubricant that enhances protection to ensure that there are no engagement problems, sticky gears or slipping out of gear under heavy load conditions.

Transmission Oil. Designed to meet manufacturers’ various requirements and the challenges faced by transmission systems, to ensure they benefit from maximum protection.

Anti-Freeze. High-performance, long-acting anti-freeze.

Brake Fluid. Safe and reliable brake fluid for the smooth operation of braking systems.

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