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Engine Oil

Verus uses high-performance Italian lubricant technology to maximise the performance and life of diesel engines. We combine an extensive array of products with a wide range of approvals, along with immediate access to products across the market, and competitive pricing.

Verus Marathon Diesel Engine Oil is a complete range of high-performance lubricants for the latest generation of heavy-duty and diesel vehicles. It ensures high efficiency, reliability and protection for the engine, and it is formulated with attention to environmental issues. These state-of-the-art lubricants meet industry requirements and offer greater environmental compatibility.

The lubricants are formulated to exceed the latest specifications of manufacturers and international organisations, and they ensure stable and reliable performance over time. They comply with the latest ACEA, API and JASO specifications.

  • Benefits
  • Their advanced viscosimetric characteristics offer excellent behaviour in hot and cold conditions. In addition, these oils contain powerful antioxidants that chemically adapt to neutralise acids before they can damage the oil and the engine.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability at high temperatures retains viscosity unchanged and prevents the formation of deposits and sludge, extending the oil’s life even in severe conditions of use.
  • These new heavy-duty motor oils extend the life of the DPF particulate filter, reducing accumulated soot and saving fuel, thus helping to prevent the accumulation of soot and ash that can lead to a loss of vehicle power.
  • Verus Marathon Diesel was formulated with a powerful commitment to environmental responsibility, thus responding to the demand for greater attention to green issues on the part of customers and hauliers. This engine oil therefore has a minimal impact on the environment, in order to:
    meet the latest environmental standards
    • reduce CO2 emissions
    • ensure responsible fleet operation
    • meet EURO VI standards
    • ensure improved fuel consumption efficiency with lower viscosity products, that reduce energy dissipation during the various daily operations.


Verus Turbo Diesel Engine Oil is a fully synthetic diesel engine oil specially developed for European models. It can improve fuel economy, reduce fuel consumption and minimise emissions. It has high-temperature cleaning technology, designed and developed for long-distance transportation and harsh road conditions, and it provides high-performance protection for engines.

  • Benefits
  • The synthetic base oil has excellent oxidation resistance and shear stability at high temperature.
  • The special low-sulphur environmental protection formula significantly improves fuel economy.
  • Containing detergent, these products create a film on the engine surface for a multi-purpose detersive effect acting on gum, carbon and sludge.
  • The oils improve component sealing, preventing leakage of air and oil, and slowing the combustion of oil.


Verus Heavyweight Diesel Engine Oil is a high-performance all-season engine oil that has been formulated to meet all the demands of turbo-charged diesel engines, above all those fitted to heavy transport vehicles operating under severe conditions.

It is also recommended for diesel engines fitted on off-highway vehicles, earth-moving machinery, and for aspirated diesel engines in urban and extra-urban transport vehicles.

  • Benefits
  • Superior detergent and dispersant qualities ensure efficient engine cleaning, even under conditions of heavy service.
  • High anti-wear properties, considerably reducing wear and tear on the lubricated moving parts and ensuring longer engine life.
  • A notable, long-lasting capability of neutralising combustion acids, thus ensuring optimal protection for the engine against corrosion for a longer period.
  • A marked capability of preventing bore polishing, avoiding loss of compression and reducing oil consumption.
  • Efficient lubrication at all environmental temperatures, so that it can be left in the sump at all times of year, as a result of its multigrade characteristics.


Verus Multi-purpose LNG/CNG Engine Oil is used in Wini Suntech gas engines to prevent spark plug blockage, wear and adhesion due to premature ignition, and carbon accumulation in valves.

Suitable for all kinds of vehicles fuelled by compressed natural gas (CNG), such as buses equipped with natural gas engines manufactured by Cummins, Mercedes-Benz, Dongfeng, Shangchai and other companies;

Special oil for the Cummins natural gas engine, designated oil for the Benz natural gas engine in China and for the Shangchai T6114 gas engine.

  • Benefits
  • Excellent high-temperature lubrication and clean dispersion, keeping engine parts clean;
  • New low-ash cleaning additives, with low ash content, thus preventing spark plug fouling and reducing pollutant emissions;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance and wear resistance;
  • Prevents premature ignition, valve carbon deposits, piston ring wear and adhesion.

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