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Industrial Oils

Verus offers a wide range of competitively-priced, high-quality, high-volume industrial oils. Our competitive pricing is a result of our direct ownership of the brand, and our skills in supply chain management. Our high quality reflects our heritage of experience in the sector, and our exceptional technical expertise.

Our range of industrial oils includes hydraulic oils, gear oils, wind turbine gear oils, bar and chain oils, rock drill oils, slideway oils, compressor oils, steam turbine oils, gas turbine oils, refrigeration lubricants, metalworking fluids, technical white oils and petroleum jellies.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic systems consist of a series of interconnected components that use fluid to transfer energy. The hydraulic oil within these systems must possess specific characteristics and performance in order to ensure the system’s efficacy and protect the lubricated components from wear and tear.
Verus manufactures modern, advanced mineral and synthetic oils that meet these standards, with synthetic oils being necessary when greater environmental protection is required (biodegradability) or when there is a greater fire hazard (fire resistance).

Gear Oils

Gears are an essential part of many machines and can be found in a variety of settings, from open to enclosed gears. The right lubricant is important for keeping gears running smoothly, and there are many factors to consider when choosing the best product for each specific application. These include the size and composition of the gears, the operating conditions (such as load, vibration and shock), the oil supply system (oil bath, oil splash or circulation), operating temperatures and other environmental factors.

Other Industrial Oils

Chain oils. Lubricating oils for chains must be easy to apply, provide good grip without dripping, and create a strong, durable film. They should also resist high temperatures and water washout, and protect against corrosion.
Slideway oils. Various machine tools require different types of oil lubricants in order to function properly. To prevent stick-slip phenomena, it is important that the oil lubricant has excellent adhesion and greasing properties.

Rock Drill oils. Formulated to protect enclosed gears, drifter drills, jack hammers, chippers and other heavy-duty pneumatic tools used in mining, quarrying, tunnelling, excavation and roadwork equipment.

Compressor Oils

Compressors are devices that increase the pressure of a gas by compressing it. This is achieved by using mechanical energy to force the gas into a smaller volume. There are two main types of compressors: volumetric and dynamic.
Volumetric compressors work by displacing a fixed volume of gas with each stroke of the piston, while dynamic compressors use rotating impellers to draw in and compress gas. The lubricant in a compressor performs several functions. It reduces friction, minimises wear, removes heat, and acts as a sealing barrier against gas pressure drops.

Turbine Oils

Turbines are devices that use the energy of a fluid to create mechanical energy, typically for the purpose of generating electricity or powering a vehicle. The fluid most commonly used in turbines is steam, but hot gases can also be employed. Turbine oil is used to lubricate the shaft bearings and remove heat. It also lubricates gear reduction units if these are present, and it operates the servomechanisms of regulating valves.

White Oils

White oils are highly refined paraffinic base stocks that have impressive purity, and are colourless and odourless. These products are particularly suitable for lubrication requirements in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. They are also ideal for use in perfumes, cosmetics, and pesticides. Technical white oils can also be used as plasticisers in polymer production.

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