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Unleash the Performance

Of Italian Lubricants


At our Milan headquarters, innovation beats strong. Our European office is the command center for our global operations, where technical expertise fuels support for markets worldwide. Explore the Italian spirit of excellence driving our success.

Asia (China Regional HQ)

From the bustling heart of Shanghai, Topstar International, our Asian subsidiary, bridges the gap between Italian expertise and the dynamic Chinese market. Established in 2004, Topstar partners with leading companies and workshops, powered by in-market expertise that drives growth and tailors solutions to your unique needs. Experience Italian excellence, customized for the Asian market.

Oceania (Australia Regional HQ)

Our Oceania network is orchestrated from our regional headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. Operations hubs and warehouses dot the East Coast, ensuring efficient delivery, while a dedicated distributor network fuels service across the region. Experience the power of Italian innovation, tailored for the unique demands of Oceania.


At the heart of India's vibrant growth engine lies our Mumbai office. Here, Italian lubricant technology finds its home, ready to fuel the nation's dynamic progress. We're proud to be part of India's journey, offering high-performance solutions tailored for this rapidly developing market. With local expertise and Italian excellence, choose Verus to power your next move.

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